The foundation of Hongda people: be a good person, be a capable person, be a master

Being a person is the foundation of a person. A qualified Hongda must establish the values of "being a good person, being a capable person, and being a master".

"Being a good person" is to be a person who is a person. Hongda employees must strengthen their social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality. They will constantly enrich themselves, improve themselves, and improve themselves in their work and life, and promote the three good situations of "good deeds and good reputations."

"Being a capable person" is to be a skill and a skill. Hongda employees must have high learning ability and operational ability, constantly sum up experience in work practice, continuously improve and improve, stand on the post, make a difference, realize the value of life, and promote the good situation of "people do their best and make the best use of their talents". .

"Being a master" is to be the master of Hongda. Hongda employees must have a sense of ownership, actively participate in the management of the company, be responsible for the company, make recommendations for the company, and make full use of the training and promotion platform provided by the company to promote the good situation of "I am Hongda and Hongda for me".

The "good people", "doing the person" and "making the master" are progressively and mutually reinforcing. To be a good person and a capable person can be the master of Hongda, and the master of Hongda is to be a better person and a capable person.

Hongda people's style of work: fast first, excellent, new soul

"Fast for the first": fast, efficient, timely processing, timely feedback, sensitive response to the market and surrounding information, to seize the opportunity and advance with the times.

"Excellent": We must provide quality products to protect the products, supply the products with high-quality products, return customers with high-quality services, and revitalize Hongda with quality management.

"New is the soul": products must be innovative, management must be innovative, innovative products, innovative business ideas, innovative scientific and technological capabilities to develop new products, advance with the times, to seize the market with high, refined and sophisticated products.

The trinity of "fast first, excellent, new soul" is a perfect combination to ensure the comprehensive satisfaction of customers, suppliers, enterprises, employees and society.

Hongda people team spirit: reach consensus, come together, create and share

"Da Consensus": Hongda employees come from all over the country and come to Hongda to reach a consensus, unite and work together to discuss, co-exist and coexist and improve Hongda's core competitiveness.

"To create together": Every employee plays his due role in his position, and achieves sincere cooperation between employees and departments, and jointly creates and promotes the development and prosperity of Hongda.

"Qi shared": Hongda's business results are fed back to employees and the society, and they are backed up in the form of salary increase, welfare improvement, employee stock ownership, energy saving and emission reduction, charitable donation, etc., so that Hongda employees and the society can share the rich development of Hongda. Results.

"To reach consensus, to create and share," the three are eager to contact. "To reach consensus" is the premise of "coming together to create", "coming together to create" is the premise of "shared", and "shared" is the driving force for the "reaching consensus" and "coming together".

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