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Shen Guoli, an employee of HTC Hi-Tech Weaving Department, won the first prize of Jiaxing City Warp Skills Competition.

网站编辑:sxd │ 发表时间:2018-03-08 

On December 18, 2017, Shen Guoli, an employee of Hongda High Weaving Department, won the first prize of the Jiaxing City Warp Skills Competition.

It is understood that this is the mid-September this year Shen Guoli as a representative of the company participated in the 2017 Jiaxing City Warp Professional Skills Competition. This competition is one of the 2017 Jiaxing Vocational Skills Competition and Million Workers Competition. It was sponsored by the Jiaxing Vocational Skills Competition Organizing Committee. The Haining Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Haining City Federation of Trade Unions hosted more than 40 events. A worker signed up for the competition. Through the two-day theoretical knowledge contest and practical operation competition, Shen Guoli won the first place in the yarn-making group, and the top three in overall scores, will also be awarded the honorary title of “Jiaxing City Technical Operation Expert”, issuing certificates and bonuses, and issuing The second grade national vocational qualification certificate.

Every year, the company sends employees to participate in similar competitions, which not only improves the technical level of employees, but also broadens the horizons of employees, and is more conducive to the establishment of a talented team with excellent technology, exquisite work and strict management.

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