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The Hongda Party Committee won the third prize of the city's outstanding theme party day case contest.

网站编辑:sxd │ 发表时间:2018-03-08 

In order to fully implement the theme party and day system, and constantly promote the institutionalization of the "two studies and one work" study and education in Haining City, on December 7, the organization department of Haining Municipal Committee held the finals of "Our Excellent Theme Party Day" contest, from enterprises and enterprises. The 15 contestants of the unit introduced the outstanding theme party days of their respective party organizations by means of keynote speeches. The Hongda Party Committee sent a member of the administrative branch, Cheng Liu, to participate in the competition and eventually won the third prize.

During the competition, Cheng Liu eloquently described the case selected by the Hongda Party Committee, "Re-take the 'Great Road', and realize the spirit of the Red Boat". He introduced the party secretary of the Hongda Party, Shen Guozhen, and led all party members to visit the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall. Re-take the "big road", let all party members understand the "red boat spirit" more deeply, and in the future work, link the "red boat spirit", "Zhejiang spirit" and "Zhejiang spirit", do not forget the initial heart Keep your mission in mind, strengthen your ideals, do your due diligence, and contribute to the great historical mission of the Party in the new era!

It is understood that the competition was issued by the organization department of the municipal party committee in August, and after the pre-match screening in November, the Hongda theme party event case emerged from 47 entries and entered the final. The theme of "Re-taking the 'A Road' and Understanding the Spirit of the Red Boat" is also an example of the many theme party activities organized by the Hongda Hongda Party Committee. Since this year, the Hongda Hongda Party Committee has adhered to a clear theme and closely followed The content of "two studies and one work", combined with the actual situation of the Hongda party committee and party members, has organized many themed party days and activities.

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